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Ludum Dare 37: one rooms


  • Click on the floor to walk there
  • Click on objects to interact with them
  • Hold down the left mouse button near the edges of the game screen to rotate the room
  • [spoiler] A to Z and enter to use the powers


A normal day turns weird. Solve word puzzles, defeat dyslexic kings, or play a game of Late shift. A point 'n click game made from scratch in 72 hours, featuring music by ibispi.


  • A more complete version with more rooms, more music, more puzzles, and more voice over coming soon!

Blog posts for Ludum Dare 37: one rooms

Technical explanation of one rooms

As promised, although heavily delayed, I am writing a technical explanation of the way the rooms are rendered in one rooms. Featuring basic linear algebra, old school pixel-by-pixel rendering, and depth buffers. Sounds fun already!

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The results for one rooms are in, and I am very happy with them!

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Post-mortem / Making of

It was that time of the year again! For Ludum Dare 37, I made a 2.5D point 'n click adventure in 72 hours – one rooms. I also skipped one night completely, opting to work for 40+ hours without any sleep whatsoever. Here's how everything went down …

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