Ludum Dare 35: Nightshift


  • Arrow keys - movement
  • A / spacebar - shoot, menu action
  • S + arrow keys - select shape
  • S (hold) - show shape levels


What a horrible night to have a curse! Defeat the evil in Outer Space to defeat the evil within.

An arcade vertical-scrolling shoot 'em up. Try the easier version if you're having trouble, don't miss out on the boss. :)

Note on the easier (post-jam) version

By popular demand, I have added a slightly easier version.

  • smaller hit box (just the helmet)
  • walls don't hurt you, only when they crush you against the bottom edge of the screen
  • you move faster
  • shorter delay on the shape selector (you can still switch shapes instantly)
  • bug fixes

(not included in this version: street cred)


  • you can only switch shapes when you're not shooting
  • you cannot move while shooting in Ninja shape

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And the results are … somewhat disappointing! I guess I got too hyped too quick.

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Post-mortem / Making of

As is tradition, I participated in another Ludum Dare, with the theme 'Shapeshifting'. Though the game is rather simple and certainly not revolutionary, it might be one of my best LD entries to date.

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