LD33 warmup: pizhul

Ludum Dare 33 is almost here, so I am getting ready – I made a warmup game, prepared my music libraries and published some tools for other participants.

Started this today at 15:15, finished at 21:50, a good warmup time for a tiny puzzle game, I think. It was originally just me drawing a hilbert curve in haxe, but as I made it prettier, I thought it could make an interesting tile-reordering game (I am sure they have a proper name). The sound responds to disorder in the puzzle.


I also published two tools for LD participants (using OS X or Linux) - shlapse and shtime. Shlapse is a utility for timelapse generation that I have used for the last couple of Ludum Dares. It simply takes screenshots of the screen, keeping track of how many have been taken and the recording session times. The actual video needs to be compiled in a video editor.

Shtime is a somewhat pretty-looking countdown for a terminal. Not much to it, but better than spamming !timeleft in the IRC.

More info here

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