Ludum Dare 32: gorgon

Techdemo only

I didn't finish a game for LD32, but here's a techdemo. The main 'player' ship is controller automatically, you control the little helper drone. The demo shows the enemy slashing mechanic, as well as the 'player' pathfinding.


  • Mouse - click to place anchor points for Bézier curves - you can slash through enemies this way

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Ludum Dare 32: gorgon

The last Ludum Dare was, unfortunately, a failure for me – I couldn't finish what I had started. As is often the case, I spent too much time on a single aspect (buggy / slow pathfinding), which led me to realise there wasn't much to my game yet and not enough time left to implement a good amount of the features that would make the game somewhat interesting, for me or the players.

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