Ludum Dare 42: Runnink out of Space


It is the year 20XX.

Space (the black stuff in the sky) is limited! We need to get more ink to make more Space. Unfortunately, the only way to gather enough ink is to milk a Giant Deep-Space Cuttlefiship.

GDSC's envelop themselves in a protective puzzling labyrinth - a human would go mad in such a labyrinth. Instead, we are sending you, a PLYR robot with a unique ability – to forget very easily. Your memory is very limited. Not because we built you cheaply or anything.


The gameplay consists of exploring rooms, answering riddles, and transforming words, while managing a growing inventory of known world and words. Interact with the world by clicking on the game screen – an exclamation mark near the cursor indicates a possible interaction. During dialogues, you will encounter three special kinds of bubbles:


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Ludum Dare 42 was held August 10th – 13th, 2018. The theme was "Running out of Space", and I made a puzzle / adventure game I'm very happy with called "Runnink out of Space".

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