2018 - 2020 catch up

Haven't done one of these in a very long time! I keep adding games to the games section as I make them, but blog articles take a lot more time to write. I rewrote the blog back-end once again, this time it is Haxe compiled to Node.js. Bye bye PHP! I also updated the about section, since that was becoming a bit dated.

Quick recap

Since the last post, I participated in a couple of gamejams (not counting the 1HGJ entries):

I also had a 6 month internship at Haxe Foundation, which was very enjoyable and spawned some interesting projects. I talked about this a little bit at HaxeUp 2019.

Current plans

Currently I am working on my MEng thesis based around creating a new, faster garbage collector for HashLink. The deadline is around June 2020. After that, I will be starting a PhD in Switzerland. I am very much looking forward to that. In the meanwhile, I will continue with hobby projects and gamejams, of course!

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