Ludum Dare 40: Ignorance is Bliss



You take control of an AI (AICO) which oversees the surveillance of the city Metro via console. You are investigating a possible rebellion. Surveillle the city for a couple of days while listening to phone conversations, wiretapping buildings, and more. Retro simulation / surveillance game with a Blade Runner / syndicate aesthetic.

About sending tapes

The in-game tutorial mentions that you can send tapes to people. When you have this option (after you call someone using the phonebook), the option is printed on the screen - it says . When you see this, you can press the TAPE button, select a tape using the previous / next buttons, preview it using the play button, and send it using the check button.

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Two hours earlier than expected: the results for Ignorance is Bliss! 4 categories in top 100.

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"The more you have, the worse it is" was the theme for the latest Ludum Dare - LD40. I made a cyberpunk surveillance simulation game called Ignorance is Bliss. Here is how that went.

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